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Terms of Service
Terms of Service

We reserve the right to amend or add to the contents of our Terms of Service if ever deemed necessary.
If any amendments do occur, we will inform our users of the changes made to our Terms of Service.

Sales Referrals / Promos:
1.) You may not refer your own client account or anyone in your household to InnoShow Advertising to earn sales rewards.
2.) Any reported misuse of your promos to promote any illegitimate activities may result in suspension of the promo.

Payments & Percentage Sale Rewards
1.) Payment withdrawals will be handled on a monthly basis. In rare cases, payments may be put on extended hold, if additional processing time is needed.
2.) If any associated sales are disputed or result in a charge-back, the accumulated sales rewards associated with the payment will be reversed from the account balance.

Abuse of System
1.) Any misuse of the system and taking advantage of system glitches will not be tolerated and results in a network wide ban across all our partner ad networks.

1.) If the partner, affiliate or client violates our Terms of Service, their accounts & promos may be put on hold or permanent suspension.
2.) An account hold or suspension will result in part or all of the account earning to be removed and forfeited.